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Bird and Owl Necklace 6 by StefanepDesign Bird and Owl Necklace 6 by StefanepDesign
One of the two necklaces I have designed, drawn, and produced by my own. The process has been long, but seeing the results is it all worth.

The owl necklace is produced in 3mm soft aluminum plate.
First I draw the owl in Photoshop, and printed a blueprint in 1:1 scale. Put the drawing on the aluminum plate, and cut the bird out roughly. Then I drilled the holes in the stomach, and started cutting the holes for the eyes – by hand of course. When the bird got its shape, and also the beak, I stated polish all the edges with a file. Toke around two days to polish the bird up. Also the shape of the feet is just polish up.

For the surface of the owl, I got it polished with fine sandpaper, while spirit was added. The aluminum would then react with the H-atoms, kind of an alloy. That means the owl got a glass-hard surface, reflecting nicely in the sun.
Everything is handcrafted.

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November 10, 2012
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